The company Pharmplanet presented gifts to the children-migrants from ATO

The journey of the initiative group to the children of immigrants-zone ATO gave the children and volunteers have lots of fun moments, a piece of warmth and gifts.

“Landing-party of good deeds” of Pharmplanet came to small displaced persons who temporarily residing in social rehabilitation center "Kovcheg" in Puscha-Voditsa. Gifts ordered the children themselves - warm pajamas, sleds and table football - purchased with the funds derived from a Charity Christmas Fair organized by the employees of our company, instead of a corporate event. According to educators of the Center, children from ATO area are different from common children; they are scared, because they got to witness the terrors of war. Recently many trials fell to the lot of small settlers: they left home, friends, and their habitual way of living. Despite the circumstances and the difficulties they faced, the kids were smiling and excited at guests and toys. Children are always children who need our care, support and attention. The Pharmplanet employees want to demonstrate Ukrainians personal involvement, full support of our fellow citizens who find themselves in a difficult situation and the Ukrainian nation unity. We sincerely hope that by our combined efforts children were pleasantly impressed that allow their little hearts to believe in the goodness and wonder which we all need today.


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