The company Pharmplanet delivers medicines to the Ukrainian Army for the special social prices

One of the leaders of the market, company Pharmplanet, which is the fifth largest domestic pharmaceutical distributors, has delivered drugs according to an agreement with the Ukrainian Defence Ministry from early December.

According to this document Pharmplanet, LLC will provide our military with cold medicines totaling USD 4,62 mln. The list of products includes aspirin, paracetamol, nasal drops, mouth spray, vitamin C and other drugs which are necessary during the season of respiratory disease. Purchases were made under the transparent tendering procedure. The company Pharmplanet received an official invitation to take part in the negotiation process, during which was able to provide the maximum prices reduction. For example, paracetamol price (tablets, 200 mg No.10) amounts to UAH 1.56, acetylsalicylic acid (tablets, 500 mg No. 10) – UAH 2.21, NAFTIZIN® (nasal drops 0.1% in PE in10 ml No.1) – UAH 6.29. – We are acutely aware of a position of our government and army now - said Valery Kondruk, the president of Pharmplanet, group of companies. – Therefore, we have from the outset considered the participation in this tender as our social responsibility. We have negotiated with manufacturers, established a minimum percentage for service order. As a result, we were able to quickly provide our military with all necessary anti-cough drugs at the lowest price, which could only be on the market. It’s not the first aid of pharmacists for the Ukrainian army. From the very beginning of hostilities in the east of the country company Pharmplanet delivers drugs to our military on charitable basis. As part of this, the cooperation has been established with the military mobile hospital located at Luhansk, the Central Military Hospital in Kyiv, Irpen military hospital and a number of volunteer organizations that deliver drugs directly to our soldiers in ATO. Pharmplanet is an expert at the pharmaceutical market, a national service pharmaceutical company, offering a full range of services in the following areas: registration, logistics, marketing and promotion, distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, cosmetics and biologically active supplements. It ranks among Top-5 leaders – the distributors of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. There are more than 300 major manufacturers among the partners of the company. Pharmplanet promotes its own brands: Sitoprostat, Hepanaze, Deklimans, Silenor, Apiproposol, it is the official distributor of its strategic partner Novalik-Pharm: DryVir, Tribustim, Venoda, Beta-Immun as well as foreign producers: Alflutop, Karminativum Bebinos, Dentinox-Gel N, Mikogynaks, Galavit, Folio, Neokaripazim-400, Infasurf, Arpeflu, GeloMyrtol, GeloMyrtol Forte, Prohepar, Curavisc, oxygen water Vitaoxy V, skincare products Sebamed.


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