The company Pharmplanet participated in the Pharmacy Ukraine Summit - 2014

The Pharmacy Ukraine Summit – 2014 took place on December 16 attended by MPs, representatives of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Chairman of State Service of Ukraine on Medicinal Products, Executive Director of Pharmacy professional organization,

The aim was to ensure a constructive dialogue between representatives of the pharmaceutical community of legislative and regulatory sectors, as well as summing up the first results for the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine in 2014. They discussed the main direction of development of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, the main trends of regulation and self-regulation of the pharmaceutical sector. Speakers expressed their opinion on the optimization of pharmaceutical logistics and topical issues of pharmaceutical distribution and pharmacy marketing. Evheniy Nikushyn, Head of logistics department represented the company Pharmplanet at the summit. He commented on the issue of direct distribution model, which has recently become relevant to pharmacy chains. - Perhaps the distributor does not always meet the needs of retail, and cope with the problem of instability in pharmaceutical assortment, as it was in the first half of 2014 in the distribution market, - said Evheniy. - If the market has a request for an alternative form of distribution through direct delivery from the manufacturer to the retail now, then surely we can refocus just slightly shift the emphasis of our activities. Having expertise working with manufacturers, importers and retailers, knowing the real needs and interests of both, being able to balance between them, having extensive warehouse and transport network, as well as a professional team, we can provide exactly what all parties is needed and beneficial - he added. - While the legal framework does not allow to logistics companies having dealings with medicines without a licensed warehouse, at the same time distributors, having licensed warehouses cannot storing and processing medicines under the terms of custody. But I can’t see some radical changes among distributors next year with such sad market forecasts. Leaders try to maintain their position, those smaller will strive to grow. It’s just positive that manufacturers and retail are interested in maintaining a competitive market in medicines distribution – stated Evheniy Nikushyn. Reports made during the conference left no one indifferent and has provoked discussions. The summit brought together in the same room not only representatives of the pharmaceutical market, but also regulatory authorities and became another important step in the development of dialogue between business and government. Pharmplanet is an expert at the pharmaceutical market, a national service pharmaceutical company, offering a full range of services in the following areas: registration, logistics, marketing and promotion, distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, cosmetics and biologically active supplements. It ranks among Top-5 leaders – the distributors of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. There are more than 300 major manufacturers among the partners of the company. Pharmplanet promotes its own brands: Sitoprostat, Hepanaze, Deklimans, Silenor, Apiproposol, it is the official distributor of its strategic partner Novalik-Pharm: DryVir, Tribustim, Venoda, Beta-Immun as well as foreign producers: Alflutop, Karminativum Bebinos, Dentinox-Gel N, Mikogynaks, Galavit, Folio, Neokaripazim-400, Infasurf, Arpeflu, GeloMyrtol, GeloMyrtol Forte, Prohepar, Curavisc, oxygen water Vitaoxy V, skincare products Sebamed.


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