The company Novalik-Pharm introduced a new original drug for the treatment of joints Kartilium based on the Devil's claw root

Ukrainian pharmaceutical company Novalik-Pharm has launched a natural anti-inflammatory and analgetic Kartilium developed jointly with the Austrian company Sanwezza Lab GmbH.

A new drug Kartilium is effective in acute and chronic diseases of the joints: arthritis and osteoarthritis based on synovial cartilage damage with secondary changes of the articular surfaces. These diseases are the most common among all the pathologies of the locomotor system and a major cause of disability. Kartilium has a unique composition of natural substances that can affect the process of inflammation and the condition of the articular cartilage. As part of this composition is standardized root extract of African plants Devil claws (Harpagophytum procumbens), manufactured by Naturex (France), as well as methylsulfonylmethane, manufactured by Eusa (France) - an organic compound which plays an important role in the repair of damaged tissues of the joints. Due to anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, root extract is widely used in traditional medicine of peoples in South Africa for gout and rheumatism treatment. In Europe and North America is used primarily to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Clinical response of Devil\'s claw root extract in inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the joints caused by the action of biologically active substances, the main one is Harpagoside. Specially developed technology allows obtaining the Harpagoside extract at a concentration not less than 20% and respectively advancing tenfold it single dose, as compared to other Devil\'s claw root extract. It has been proved that such dose of Harpagoside causes the therapeutic properties of the extract. Experimental studies have confirmed the therapeutic effectiveness of a standardized extract, namely, reducing inflammation and pain, restore range of motion, improving the functionality and quality of life. Good Kartilium tolerance and lack of influence over gastrointestinal offer the challenge for a wide application for patients with acute and chronic diseases of the joints. The company Pharmplanet is an official distributor of the drug. Kartilium is already available in national retail chain Pani Apteka and online store, and soon will come into pharmacy chains of Ukraine. Novalik-Pharm is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise specialized in developing and launching of innovative and reasonable for consumers pharmaceutical products at the same time: medicinal products, biologically active supplements, cosmetics and hygiene products. Novalik-Pharm uses the latest scientific developments in the field of pharmacy and medicine, experience of the world leaders in pharmaceutical industry and modern technologies, as well as high-quality standardized extracts and substances mostly imported from the European companies. Novalik-Pharm has in its portfolio and promotes DryVir, Tribustim, Venoda. Beta-Immun, Kartilium. Pharmplanet is an expert at the pharmaceutical market, a national service pharmaceutical company, offering a full range of services in the following areas: registration, logistics, marketing and promotion, distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, cosmetics and biologically active supplements. It ranks among Top-5 leaders – the distributors of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. There are more than 300 major manufacturers among the partners of the company. Pharmplanet promotes its own brands: Sitoprostat, Hepanaze, Deklimans, Silenor, Apiproposol, it is the official distributor of its strategic partner Novalik-Pharm: DryVir, Tribustim, Venoda, Beta-Immun as well as foreign producers: Alflutop, Karminativum Bebinos, Dentinox-Gel N, Mikogynaks, Galavit, Folio, Neokaripazim-400, Infasurf, Arpeflu, GeloMyrtol, GeloMyrtol Forte, Prohepar, Curavisc, oxygen water Vitaoxy V, skincare products Sebamed.


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