Pharmplanet has made its contribution to the education and development of the healthy generation

The company's team provided a charitable financial support to their old friends – the Socium, educational complex #240 in Kyiv.

Funds will be used to improve the material and technical base of the lyceum, as well as on the development of the curriculum of preventive education "Useful Habits", aimed at promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle. According to teaching staff, the lyceum is a kind of "health workshop", which works on its author's program "Health-saving technologies" in the hall, equipped with a special orthopedic training device - Evminov prophilactor. On September 18 as a part of the project "Healthful technologies" the traditional event "Health Day" took place at school - sports festival where students of the lyceum had the opportunity to show their athletic talent, strength, agility and desire to win. - The health aspect of young people is relevant, timely and sufficiently complex in every society and every socioeconomic and political situation, - says Valery Kondruk, the president of Pharmplanet group of companies. - It defines the future of the country, the nation genetic pool and the potential of the whole Ukrainian society. That is why taking care of a healthy and happy future of our children is one of the priorities of the corporate social responsibility of our company.


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