Pharmplanet rendered medicines to Kiev Military Hospital for injured Ukrainian soldiers

Last weekend our company visited the Kiev Military Hospital with an important social mission. The representatives of "Pharmplanet" rendered to the Ukrainian soldiers injured in the ATO area the preparations necessary for their fast recovery.

This action took place as a part of the charity concert organized on an improvised stage right at the territory of the hospital. The following celebrities were leading: Marysia Gorobetc, the singer Sveta Tarabarova, ethno-band Grozovska Band and the famous Ukrainian musician Oleh Skrypka. The spectators of the charity concert - the soldiers of ATO forces undergoing treatment at the Kiev Military Hospital, their relatives and medical staff warmly welcomed the Ukrainian stars and organizers of the event. The activists of the "musical hundred" played in the open air. Some of the soldiers were taken by the hospital wheelchairs. The performance in the courtyard of the hospital cheered up the soldiers and distracted them from the usual talks about war, concerns and thoughts for the comrades and difficult recovery. As the soldiers recognized themselves, due to the special atmosphere of a creative meeting they were able for some time to forget about their injuries, singing together with the artists their most popular hits they charged with energy of a live performance of stars. The organizers from the scene also thanked the company "Pharmplanet" for providing medicines and expressed the hope that these drugs will help our defenders stand in the line and continue to faithfully serve the Ukrainian people. It is noteworthy that support of such charitable activities has become a good tradition for our company.


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