Pharmplanet Opened Modern Pharmaceutical Warehouse in Dnipropetrovsk

The Company Pharmplanet - one of the leading distributors in the domestic pharmaceutical market - is expanding its logistics facilities: a new regional pharmaceutical complex of more than 1200 m2 was opened in April in Dnipropetrovsk.

The new warehouse was designed in accordance with the international standards in the field of medicinal products (GDP). Storage of medicines, ventilation and air conditioning, the latest refrigeration equipment, as well as modern «BITO» (Germany) and «Modern-Expo» (Ukraine) shelving systems guarantee the final consumer the safety and quality of medicinal products. To observe different temperature storage requirements the warehouse has two 70 m2 freeze rooms with an automatic temperature control. At the first stage, the warehouse may make shipping which amounts up to 20 000 customer order lines per day and provide up to 600 m3 of medicinal products storage. “Unfavorable macroeconomic situation and lack of capital slowed down the networks expansion plans, however, despite the current crisis, we were able to mobilize our efforts and to achieve a new round of development. The warehouse complex in Dnipropetrovsk is the 6th one in the Company’s supply structure. The warehouses are located in Kyiv, Lutsk, Poltava, Mykolaiv and Lviv. The modern warehouse opening is the broadening of the Company’s palette of logistics services in the country east. We are targeting to provide quality customer service in Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhia regions throughout all distribution channels: pharmacy networks, hospitals and insurance companies", - said Evhenii Nikushyn, Head of Logistics Department of Pharmplanet. Convenient location and transport junction as well as the availability of modern logistics technologies, managed by our own software package, allows the quickest possible delivery of goods accompanied by the best service with the overhead delivery costs reduction. New complex means new jobs. Pharmplanet corporate social responsibility is based on the creation of favorable work conditions and staff development, as well as promotion of social and economic development of the regions and the country as a whole. Pharmplanet is an expert at the pharmaceutical market, a national service pharmaceutical company, offering a full range of services: registration, logistics, marketing and promotion, distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, cosmetics and dietary supplements. It ranks among Top-5 leaders – the distributors of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market. There are more than 300 major manufacturers among the partners of the company. Pharmplanet promotes its own brands: Sitoprostat, Hepanaze, Deklimans, Silenor, Apiproposol, it is the official distributor of its strategic partner Novalik-Pharm: DryVir, Tribustim, Venoda, Beta-Immun, Kartilium as well as of foreign producers: Alflutop, Karminativum Bebinos, Dentinox-Gel N, Mikogynaks, Galavit, Folio, Neokaripazim-400, Infasurf, Arpeflu, GeloMyrtol, GeloMyrtol Forte, Prohepar, Curavisc, skincare products Sebamed.


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